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We are Saorin and Erina from e-earphone Umeda EST store!

E-earphone Umeda store is located in a shopping mall called EST.

Recently, the EST was renewed and a dining area has opened.

Erina and I already went there and it was awesome.

There are  dining restaurants, cafe, bar, and food court style restaurants.

When you visit our shop, you should definitely check out this food hall.

Today, we will be taking about the most trendy futuristic earphone…

TWS(True Wireless Stereo)

These days, I see many people wearing AirPods in the city.

It’s popular all over the world.

These types of isolated wireless earphones are called True Wireless Stereo (aka TWS).

Staffs in e-earphone often call it by ‘true’. Yes, we Japanese love to shorten words.

Since iPhone7 came out, the needs of wireless earphone increased and TWS items started to gain its popularity.

Right now, e-earphone handles over 450 True Wireless items.

In this blog, we will introduce our favorite true wireless earphones!

There are product page links in the pictures below.


I(Saorin) use MASTER&DYANMIC MW07♡

I fell in love with the cuteness of the design at a glance and bought it immediately.

With this elegant look and sound, wearing MW07 makes me feel elegant too.

Its rich and smooth bass sound really suits with hard rock and classic music.

Also, I really like the ear fitting design that makes wearing earphone very comfortable which allows me to listen for quite long time.


This is Erina’s TWS earphone, AVIOT TE-D01g and here is her review.

High spec and low price TWS

“I bought TE-D01g based on its specification and its color.

TE-D01g has IPX7 waterproof system which I thought I can use it while taking bath or washing plates.

The battery lasts up to 10 hours by itself (with battery case it can play up to 50 hours) and it automatically turns off when music is not playing.

It also comes with AAC and aptX codec.

I mainly use TE-D01g when I watch Netflix on my iPhone.

Soft and close (near) sound works pretty well while doing some choirs or work.

I also liked the combination of cherry blossom pink and pearl white color. “

Noble Audio FALCON

FALCON is Noble Audio’s first true wireless earphone.

The gorgeous high quality sound is tuned by the ‘Wizard’.

Bluetooth connection is very strong in a crowded area.  Case is small and compact. It’s IPX7 waterproof.

If you are looking for the one with strong bluetooth connection and the quality in the sound, Falcon might be the one for you. 


If you are an audiophile, you might have heard of the Japansese audio brand called final. 

Ag is the sister brand of final. All of their product is tuned by final.

TWS03R’s sound is very clear and volume of vocal and orchestra is well balanced. 

Suface is coated with paper like texture which keeps the battery case anti-fingerprint.

It is available for under 6000JPY. I highly recommend this for the first time True Wireless users.


The first major TWS earbuds with active noise cancelling system favored by people who uses public transportation to commute to their school or work.

Best ANC quality . It covers wide range of ambient noise without disturbing the music playing.

Battery life is pretty strong. It plays up to 24 hours with ANC on.

You can customize touch sensor function by connecting with the app “Sony Headphones Connect” available both on Android and iOS. 

Jabra Elite 75t

If you constantly make a phone call, Elite 75t is one for you.

Elite 75t is the new TWS from the famous headset gear brand called Jabra.

With advanced microphone noise isolation system, your calling experience will be more productive as never before.

There will be no “What did you say?” and “I can’t hear you” when you call from noisy places like train stations or busy streets.

This ear-fitting compact design will make you feel comfortable when you wear them.

Despite of its small body, Elite 75t brings up to 7.5 hours of playtime with just a one charge.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

If you are a gamer, you probably have heard of the ‘Razer’ brand before.

Long awaited first gaming true wireless earbuds is finally here!

Low latency connection, water resistant IPX4 design, and ultimate bass sound…

Everything gamer need is packed inside of this Hammerhead True Wireless.

Not only for gamers, you can still enjoy phone calls, movie, and EDM with Hammerhead’s strong connectivity and great bass sounds.

Apple AirPods/AirPods Pro

E-earphone is not an official retailer of Apple so we do not handle new AirPods but if you are lucky, you might be able to find Used AirPods series in our store.


Original AirPods

It’s been three years since it came out and made TWS so famous around the world.

Today, you can find Second-handed AirPods cheaper than 10,000JPY in e-earphone.

It’s light, easy, and so simple for the iPhone user.


AirPods Pro

AirPods came back with awesome noise cancelling system and Pro on its name.

Addition of the noise cancellation system led to overcome AirPods’ one and only weakness.

It started selling on October 2019 and it is still out of stock everywhere.

Natural ANC reduces noise to a comfortable level to hear to.


That is it for today’s  recommendation of TWS products by Saori & Erina.

When you come to e-earphones, please come by our true wireless sections. We have many samples you can try!

We look forward to your visit.

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