Hello everyone around the world!

I’m e-earphone Umeda EST store staff, Saorin.

E-earphone is the store specialized in portable audio products.
We sell variety of earphones, headphones, audio players, cables, mobile speakers, and amplifiers.

「What is e-earphone?」
To spread about e-earphone to the world, I started this blog series”What is e-earphone”

Let’s explore our 5 different services/sections!!

Not just regular retail products, we have used sections and custom IEM too!

・New item section

More than 20,000 items are available.
You can plug in earphones and headphones to your mobile phone or DAP to listen.

・Used item section

There are many items in good condition.
Of course, you can try listening to all of them.

・Custom IEM

Make your own customized IEM.

・Repair center

We do repairing and customization.

・Trade-in center

We buy your audio items!
(require residence card or japanese citizenship)


Now I would like to intruduce 5 e-earphone stores in Japan.


●秋葉原店 Akihabara Store

〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田4-6-7 カンダエイトビル

Kandaeito building 4-6-7,Sotokanda,Chiyoda-ku,TOKYO,101-0021 JAPAN(Buying)


●渋谷TSUTAYA店 Shibuya TSUTAYA Store

〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町21-6 SHIBUYA TSUTAYA 3F

SHIBUYA TSUTAYA 3F, 21-6, Shibuya Udagawa-cho,TOKYO,150-0042 JAPAN



●名古屋大須店 NAGOYA OSU Store

〒460-0011 愛知県名古屋市中区大須3-30-60 大須301ビル 2F

OSU301 2F 3-30-60,Osu,Naka-ku Nagoya-shi,AICHI,460-0011 JAPAN



【大阪】~OSAKA area~

●日本橋本店 Nipponbashi Store

〒556-0005 大阪市浪速区日本橋5-9-19
5-9-19,Nihonbashi,Naniwa-ku,OSAKA,556-0005 JAPAN


●梅田EST店 Umeda EST Store

〒530-0017 大阪市北区角田町3番25号 2F
3-25,Kakudacho ,Osaka Kita-ku,OSAKA,530-0017 JAPAN




We do tax free in all store if your purchase is over 5,500JPY(including tax).

Please make sure to bring passport with you!

Let’s try to listen!!

In e-earphone, you can try listening to many items regardless of price.

Feel free to ask staff to listen to items that are displayed in showcase.

How to contact us.

If you already know what you want, feel free to send us email to reserve items or ask any question regards products.


or you can DM


via Twitter


If you are audiophile or not, I can guarantee you will have fun time hearing the difference of sound at e-earphone.

We look forward to see you at the store!!

See you next time!♪