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Today, we will be talking about our Used (second-handed) department.

Introducing Used Department

E-earphone has largest selections of used portable items in the industry.

All of e-earphone’s used items are assessed by our staffs.

If you are worried about buying used item, please be assured. Most of our used item has warranty period (except the item categorized as JUNK).


From here, we will explain what is on the price card of used item.

What is written on price card 

Every used item has different condition.

Some of them may come with the package, and some of them don’t.
Some item might be missing accessories such as earbuds or charging cable, some item might not have any accessory at all.

The green price card contains many information and description of the item.

On the top part, brand name and product name is written.

On the left side top , presence of the package(box) and accessories is written.

For the package, it says 「あり」 or 「なし」.

「あり(a ri)」come with box

「なし(na shi)」come without box


For the accessories, it says「全部あり」or「欠品あり」or「本体のみ」

「全部あり(zen bu-a ri)」come with all accessories 

「欠品あり(keppinn-a ri)」some accessory is missing

「本体のみ(honntai-no mi)」no accessory


We label condition of item into three different states.

1.「完動品(kando-hin)」FULLY FUNCTIONAL
It works properly. No major issues for playing sound.

2. 「訳あり品(wa ke a ri-hin)」DEFECT

You can still use or listen but some function is limited. 

For example: one of two phone jack not working, cracks on the earphone, unable to register to its Apps


Broken. Many people buys junk item to use some of the parts to create their own cables and etc…

Junk item does not come with our warranty.

On the right box, details of condition is explained.

It will contain information like what accessory is missing and where the scratches are.


Please do not hesitate to ask the staff if you have any questions.

We will try our best to describe and translate detail of the product.


You can try all of the second-hand items (except junk items) in e-earphone!

If you find anything interests you, feel free to talk to our staffs!  


Price of the used item may differ or change based on the market price.

You can also TAX FREE used items, so be sure to bring your passport! !

How to contact us

If you already know what you want, feel free to send us email to reserve items or ask any question regards products.


or you can DM



See you next time~


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